What You Should Know About Your Child Losing Baby Teeth

What You Should Know About Your Child Losing Baby Teeth

What You Should Know About Your Child Losing Baby Teeth

Your little one will eventually lose his baby teeth, which is a milestone in the process of growing up. Fortunately, it is not usually too painful for kids when they lose their baby teeth, but the toothless pictures may embarrass them when they get older. Once a tooth does fall out, however, you need to know how to properly take care of the gums and the new permanent tooth that will shortly pop through.

According to the Mayo Clinic, children will lose their first teeth around the age of 6. The timing varies from child to child; make sure that you do visit your dentist if your child loses a tooth prematurely due to an accident or tooth decay, especially since the latter scenario could indicate a bigger problem.

“ Furthermore, when a primary tooth falls out prematurely, your child’s permanent tooth may not have enough room to come in properly.”

A tooth can sometimes take a few days or even a few months to fall out once you or your child notices that it’s loose. The length of time that it takes to fall out depends on how quickly the tooth root will dissolve or absorb. It also depends on how much your little one wiggles it.


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